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At Duet Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lim and Dr. Weintraub offer a woman's perspective on the breast contouring procedures that can help you improve the balance of your figure.


Age, heredity and changes in weight can all affect the appearance of a woman’s breasts. While many parts of the body can be changed and improved with exercise, a woman can do little to change the shape and size of the breasts naturally. Augmenting, lifting or reshaping the breasts can have a profoundly positive influence upon a woman’s self-image. Our patients are extremely happy with their choice to undergo breast procedures and find their self-confidence is boosted as well.

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Breast Augmentation

At Duet, Dr. Lim and Dr. Weintraub pride themselves on achieving natural-looking results that fit each patient’s individual body type. During your consultation, you will discuss several factors related to breast implant surgery. Women undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, including a desire to balance their figures as well as to improve breast asymmetry. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, breast augmentation is an option to consider. 


Location of Incision

An important decision you will make with the plastic surgeons of Duet is the location of the incision.

The common incisions are inframammary (below the breast) and periareolar (below the nipple/areola). The incision placement is determined by the size and type of the implant, your skin and the preference of you and your surgeons. Drs. Lim and Weintraub will talk to you about the advantages of the different approaches and help you decide which is best for you.

Location of Implant

During your consultation with Dr. Lim and Dr. Weintraub, you will also discuss the location within your breast for placement of the implant. After the incision is made, the breast implant is placed into a pocket either beneath the pectoral muscle (subpectoral) or over the muscle but beneath the breast tissue itself (subglandular). Some patients benefit from using a hybrid approach, called the "dual-plane" technique.  The method for inserting and positioning implants depends on the type of implant, degree of enhancement desired and your unique body shape.


Breast augmentation typically takes about an hour, and the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Our patients get to go home the same day and require only oral pain medications for comfort. You will return to see your surgeons the following day, at which time they will place you in a supportive post-surgical bra. Patients should walk soon after surgery but should minimize strenuous arm activity for several days in order to allow the tissue to heal properly. Most patients return to work after approximately 4-5 days, unless their jobs require strenuous activity.

Saline Implants: Traditional

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water, which allows for a natural look and feel with relatively low maintenance. If the implant shell leaks, a saline-filled implant will deflate, and the physiologic salt solution will be naturally absorbed by the body. A benefit of saline implants is flexible volume fill that can be adjusted to compensate for any asymmetry in cup size.  Saline-filled implants are currently FDA-approved for women 18 years and older. 

We offer the Natrelle saline-filled smooth implants, which are available in three different profiles: low, moderate, and high.


Saline Implants: Ideal

Duet Plastic Surgery is also one of the select Bay Area plastic surgery practices chosen to offer the Ideal Implant, an FDA-approved structured saline breast implant.

The Ideal Implant has a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers that hold the sterile salt water. This internal structure controls movement of the saline and supports the implant edges to reduce folding and wrinkling. The Ideal Implant provides women with another great option for a natural feel and look. 

Silicone Implants: Round Gel

Silicone implants are filled with a smooth cohesive silicone gel, which feels and moves much like natural breast tissue. 

If you choose gel implants, you should visit your plastic surgeon regularly to make sure the implants are functioning properly. Silicone gel-filled implants are FDA-approved for women 22 years and older.  We offer the new Natrelle "Inspira" smooth round silicone gel implants.

We use the Keller funnel to safely deliver our silicone gel implants with a "no-touch" technique and significantly shorter scars.

Cost: The cost of breast enhancement surgery ranges between $7500 - $9500, depending on the type of implant chosen, the complexity of the procedure and whether other procedures are performed at the same time. At your consultation, you will be provided with a personalized price quote for your procedure, which will remain valid for a limited time.


Breast Lift

Time, gravity and childbearing can make a woman’s breasts lose their fullness, causing them to sag. While implants are used to make the breasts larger, implants alone may not adequately lift the breasts or correct the stretched skin. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is performed to reshape and lift the breasts. Dr. Lim and Dr. Weintraub will discuss all of available options with you and recommend the approach that best suits your needs.



 A breast lift restores the breasts to a more naturally rounded shape and also repositions the breast and nipple to a more youthful position. During your consultation at Duet, Dr. Lim and Dr. Weintraub may suggest combining a breast lift with an augmentation to increase the fullness of the upper portion of the breasts.


Depending on the degree of sagging, there are several different ways to perform a breast lift. Some women need only an incision around the nipple/areola to lift the breast, while others require a vertical incision below the nipple/areola as well to obtain an adequate lift.  The most significant lift is achieved through a full anchor incision.

Lift + Implants

Some women dislike the droopiness of their nipple position and breast skin, but also miss the volume that they may had prior to weight loss or pregnancy/breastfeeding.  For certain women, a combination of a breast lift and implants can help restore size, shape, and position.  This is also called mastopexy/augmentation, and with proper planning and guidance, can be a very safe and satisfying procedure.

Breast Implant Removal


Sometimes women who have had breast augmentation reach a point when their implants no longer seem to fit in with their new phase of life or they simply wish to be free of the long-term maintenance issues associated with breast implants.

At Duet, we carefully review your surgical and implant history and talk more with you about the explantation process. Each patient has a different breast augmentation journey, and we completely respect every individual story. Access to implant cards, previous operative reports, and mammograms or other imaging if indicated can help sketch out a more complete picture. Together, we create a plan to remove implants as safely as possible to help patients achieve their goals for this surgery.


Breast Asymmetry

Nearly all women have some degree of asymmetry between their two breasts. Some women have more pronounced differences, whether in shape and/or cup size, that can make it difficult to wear a bra, fit into clothes comfortably, or feel confident.  


Asymmetry Correction

Some women have a significant disparity in the size of their breasts, sometimes even several cup sizes different.  

This is often noted at puberty, but the difference can become more dramatic with changes in weight or with pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Tuberous Breast Correction

"Tuberous breasts" is a variation some women are born with. Defining characteristics of tuberous breasts include an enlarged (or "puffy") areola, a narrow width to the breast with relatively wide spacing between the breasts, a relatively short distance from the nipple to the bottom of the breast, and droopiness of the breast. Even severe cases can be transformed into a more traditional appearing breast with a well-thought out plan for correction and reconstruction. This may require implants, areolar reduction, and sometimes even a modified lift.

Personalized Surgical Plan

Because each breast asymmetry case is unique, a variety of different surgical techniques may be used to achieve improved symmetry.  This carefully tailored surgical plan may include implants, a lift or reduction, and liposuction. 

Dr. Lim and Dr. Weintraub will evaluate you and discuss what the best options are for your specific case.



Sometimes men, too, can develop disproportionately large swellings on their chest, which affects personal confidence and self-image. 


The contour changes may be due to increased fatty deposits in the male breast area, or even prominent breast tissue.  Often this is hormonally or medication related, and the condition resolves with the passage of puberty or discontinuation of the offending drug.  

When the problem persists despite thorough medical evaluation and treatment (a familial pattern is often detected), gynecomastia surgery, or "male breast reduction", can be performed.  Dr. Lim and Dr. Weintraub will evaluate you and determine what type of procedure is warranted. 


Our Results

Dr. Lim did an amazing job on my breast implants. She is confident and knowledgable but is not arrogant or condescending. The best part about Dr. Lim is that I trusted her and felt comfortable throughout the whole process. I am so happy with the results! I had always worn fairly padded bras and had considered surgery but was happy with how my breast looked. However, after having two kids my breasts were never the same. After all the nursing and pumping my breast had become very deflated. Every time I looked at them without a bra on I felt disfigured.

Now I love the way my breasts look and feel, very natural. I am so happy I made the decision to get breast implants at Duet Plastic Surgery. I now feel comfortable naked, in a bathing suit, in the gym etc.
— L. B., Mountain View, California

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